Hire Of Machinery Agreement

AT WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties executed this agreement on the day and year that were written here in i.e. (6) The tenant has fallen behind in the one-time payment of the monthly amount he must pay for the rental of that printing machine or when a bankruptcy authorization order takes place against him or if he associates with his creditors or if he undergoes an act or deed by which the printing machine must pay taxes. or supplements in the context of a judicial proceeding or public authority or not to pay taxes or supplements to the government or authority that are due for the printing machine in question, or do not comply and meet the conditions of this contract which must be respected and executed in turn, or if the tenant authorizes , authorizes or authorizes an act or act likely to affect or jeopardize the rights of the owner of this printing machine, the owner may decide to hire without notice, and it is therefore legitimate for the owner to take possession of the printing machine in question and, for this purpose, to enter or in premises where this can be maintained , and the provision of hiring under this clause does not affect the owner`s right to recover from the owner all money owed to the owner under this agreement or any damage for violation of that agreement. The tenant is also required to bear all costs incurred by the landlord for the removal or attempt to remove the printing machine in question. CONSIDERING that the tenant has dated his letter………….. invite the owner to provide financing for the purchase of the printing machine. 4. If the printing machine in question is destroyed or damaged by fire or other means, all funds received or recovered in connection with this insurance, received in connection with this insurance, are immediately paid to the owner who, if necessary, must request it, either for the re-assessment of the damage suffered or to replace the damaged press with other items of similar description and value. , as well as the provisions of this agreement in the article for which they would have been replaced. 11.

The owner`s negligence, delay, leniency, leniency or waiver to enforce the terms of this contract does not affect the owner`s rights under this contract.