Service Learning Agreement Form

For more information on learning services, including forms and the best practice manual, please visit the SDSU intranet: SLA Intranet Site Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP) – for students who provide general interest services or volunteer for academic credit. For more information, contact Campus Risk Management. (Updated in August 2020) As a reminder, for SAFECLIP or SPLIP insurance to cover students, there must be a fully signed agreement; Make sure an agreement is executed before the service learning experience begins. Whenever a student, in combination with a credit course, has a learning experience outside of learning campus services, a learning service (SLA) is required to protect the student and the university. In October 2016, the university`s procedure for processing all ALS forms became fully electronic. Get all the important appointments you need for the learning department and CBFWS, including placement, work time schedule and evaluation times. GO » Steps in choosing a distance learning services agency-Learning Agreement form Tips for writing goals on your distance agreement SL Safety tips when participating in the service agency criteria The attached master list of existing learning agreements is constantly evolving and is only available for information purposes. Click here to check Executive Order 1064 and Campus Statement, which lists practices and protocols that previously complied with E.O. 1064. Justice Based Model of Student Development Social Change Service Learning-Terms and Benefits Placement Acceptance Form Timesheet Plan of Service (use, Rideshare Form Liability Waiver: Project Classes Paper Liability Waiver (for every student under 18) Hour report for project classes How to navigate the SERVE to Navigate the SERVE fair Guide to Securing a Placement Up to 40 in prepaid gas cards available for drivers offering trips. GO » Eliminating Back Talk Dealing with Typical Classroom Crises Initiative Preferred Activity Time (Visit our office with a manual on this topic) Favorite activity time ideas remain calm and strong in the classroom (visit our helpline on this topic) Each College Associate Dean should be your first point of contact for issues related to the execution of the Service Learning Agreement or The Internship Site. Please contact the Office of Contract and Procurement Management for Public Procurement at the [email protected] address. ..