What Was The Purpose Of The Gentlemen`s Agreement Brainly

A gentlemen`s agreement, or gentleman`s agreement, is an informal and legally non-binding agreement between two or more parties. … The essence of a gentlemen`s agreement is that it depends on the honour of the parties for its achievement, rather than being enforceable in one way or another. For example, if you ask for help with some type of square equation technique, you can then be served many identical practical questions to better learn and apply what you have just learned, and you might even be suggested related topics that appear next to that in a broader math exam. And maybe you`ll have the opportunity to meet with a tutor for extra help. However, it is clear that there is room for extension to more education stakeholders in order to better organize the types of questions that receive an answer and how. Borkowski said the company has indeed been approached by educators, program developers and others, so the answers may be better related to the questions they are most likely to ask by students, although the company wants to «focus for now on the fact that students and parents get stuck.» «It`s going to be about what students are studying, how we can attribute it to the country`s curriculum and what we can do to help it.» Borkowski said. «But it will take a heavy and mechanical learning need to locate the students» for it to work properly, which is one of the reasons why it is unfolded even more widely, he added. There are already «thousands a week,» but as with tutoring, «it`s a testing phase for us,» Borkowski said. There should be more in Q1 on new products, he said.

Private lessons and personalization are not the only areas in which Brainly is actively testing new services. The financing is managed by former backer Learn Capital, which includes current investors Prosus Ventures, Runa Capital, MantaRay and General Catalyst Partners. The company has now raised about US$150 million and although it does not disclose the valuation, CEO and co-founder Michaa Borkowski has confirmed that it is «definitely» a tour for the company. PitchBook estimates that the company was valued at 180 million $US in its final round, a C-series of 30 million $US in 2019. Brainly acquires Bask to add video to its peer-to-peer learning platform for students The company also creates more space to add videos to demonstrate different techniques (which, I guess, is particularly good for something like mathematics, but just as useful for, say, an artistic technique). This is probably due in part to an acquisition made in 2018 by the start-up to launch more video tools, which in some ways underscores the awareness of Brainly`s expansion strategy. Brainly, a crowdsourcing work aid for students, is amassed $30 million to expand brainly into the U.S. Brainly so far has mainly focused on how to build more tools for students – and now parents – who use it, and so far it has focused on organic growth for these communities. Brainly, a Polish startup that has set up a popular network for students and their parents to advise each other and help each other with homework, has raised $80 million, a D-series that it will use both to continue building the tools it offers students and to be at home in some important emerging markets such as Indonesia and Brazil. The news comes on the heels of spectacular growth for the company, which has increased its user base from 150 million users in 2019 to 350 million today.